1956 Ford Sunliner Convertible

1956 Ford Fairlane Sunliner Convertible Acquired February 2011 The Fifties were famous for automobiles with outrageous styling, extravagant use of chrome and all manner of fins evoking jet planes and rockets. Competition for customers in the explosive post WW II car market was fierce. An extensive array of fantastic style and power combinations were used […]

1957 Ford Fairlane Retractable Hardtop Supercharged F-Code

1957 Ford Fairlane 500 F Code Skyliner Retractable Hardtop F7FW305543 Acquired September 2016 A common saying in the collector car community goes something like this, “You buy the story and a car comes with it”.  In the case of this ultra-rare 1957 Ford Fairlane 500 F Code Skyliner Retractable Hardtop the story is certainly compelling and […]

1957 Ford Thunderbird Supercharged F-Code

1957 Ford Thunderbird F Code VIN F7FH394855 Acquired November 21, 2018 There were a total of 21,380 Thunderbirds produced in 1957.  This stunning example is 1 of only 196 “F-Code” Phase II supercharger equipped versions made available to the general public.  The dazzling fit and finish of the exterior, engine bay and “jewel like” underside […]

1966 Mustang GT – K Code

1966 Mustang GT K-Code Convertible VIN # 6R08K121925 Acquired December 2016 Before there were Mustangs, before there were Shelby’s, there was the Ford “Windsor” V8 engine.  Production began in 1961 for installation in the 1962 model year Ford Fairlane and Mercury Meteor. The small-block was designed as a successor to the Ford Y-block engine.  The 289 […]

1968 Shelby GT500KR 4-Speed

1968 Shelby Cobra Jet GT 500 KR Convertible VIN 8T03R20483003327 Acquired April 2009 Scheduled to be built at the Ford plant in Metuchen NJ on May 21, 1968, Ken’s Shelby KR actually rolled off the line two days late on May 23, 1968. After a trip to A.O. Smith in Ionia MI to get the […]

1969 Mustang Boss 429 KK 1663

1969 Mustang Boss 429 KK 1663 VIN 9F02Z172933 Acquired November 29, 2017     Boss KK 1663 is 1 of only 5 to have received MCA Thoroughbred Gold status and 1 of 4 to have received the Pinnacle Award Certificate at MCACN.  Thus, making this Boss 429 KK1663 one of the rarest and most decorated […]

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