1957 Pontiac Bonneville Fuel Injected

1957 Pontiac Bonneville Convertible Acquired June 2008 Pontiac built 630 Bonneville Convertibles for ’57, one for each of its 630 dealers. Every car was fitted with a Rochester fuel injection system and all but 12 of the cars were painted Kenya Ivory (white) with either red or blue trim.  8 cars were finished in charcoal […]

1959 Pontiac Bonneville

1959 Pontiac Bonneville Convertible Acquired January 2011 “The numbers matching concours quality Bonneville on display in Ken’s collection is not only a very rare and highly sought after original rare “bucket seat” car, it is arguably the highest quality, most authentic and most decorated restored 1959 Bonneville convertible in existence today”.  Restoration complete by Level […]

1965 Pontiac Tempest LeMans

1965 Pontiac Tempest Le Mans Acquired July 23, 2019 Nestled in among 28 of some of the rarest and most significant award winning cars of the ‘50’s, ‘60’s & ‘70’s is an unrestored original 1965 Starlight Black Pontiac Tempest LeMans convertible.  With a Red “Morrokide” vinyl interior and White top it is a beauty.  13,897 […]

1970 Pontiac GTO Ram Air IV

1970 Pontiac GTO Ram Air IV Convertible VIN 242670Z134463 Acquired November 10, 2015 It is generally accepted that in 1970 Pontiac made 12* GTO Convertibles equipped with the Ram Air IV (WW) engine and the 4-speed Muncie transmission.  What is left to conjecture is how many of them still exist?  At this writing, the speculation […]

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